5 Surprising Facts About Smokey Robinson’s Kids: A Parent’s Guide [Keyword: Smokey Robinson Kids]

5 Surprising Facts About Smokey Robinson’s Kids: A Parent’s Guide [Keyword: Smokey Robinson Kids]

Short answer: Smokey Robinson has two kids, Trey and Tamla.

Smokey Robinson, born William Robinson Jr., is an American singer-songwriter who has two children – Trey and Tamla – with his former wife Claudette Rogers. Both of his children have followed in their father’s musical footsteps.

How Did Smokey Robinson’s Kids Grow Up in the Shadow of International Stardom?

Smokey Robinson is an iconic figure in the music industry, known for hits like “Tears of a Clown” and “The Tracks of My Tears.” But what’s it like to grow up as the child of such a famous person? For Robinson’s kids, it was a life spent largely in the shadow of their father‘s international stardom.

Smokey Robinson, born William Robinson Jr., rose to fame in the 1960s as part of Motown Records. With his smooth vocals and songwriting skills, he became one of the most influential figures in popular music. However, while he was busy touring the world and creating chart-topping hits, his children were growing up with a very different experience.

Robinson has six children: Trey (born 1984), Tamla (born 1969), Berry (born 1972), Tamara (born 1975), Rhonda (born 1971), and Christien (born 1988). They all grew up with their dad’s fame hovering over them, which could have been daunting at times.

In interviews, some of Robinson’s kids have spoken about what it was like to grow up with a famous father. Tamara once said that being Smokey Robinson’s daughter made her feel “like royalty,” but also placed high expectations on her shoulders. “People would assume I was going to be just as talented as my dad,” she said in an interview with Michigan Avenue Magazine.

Robinson himself is notoriously private about his personal life, although he has mentioned his children in interviews over time. In one rare moment during a National Public Radio interview in 2017, he spoke fondly about how all his children follow their passions and make him proud.

Despite having grown up in the shadow of their internationally-famous dad though, many of his kids have thrived outside music — doing everything from becoming entrepreneurs to philanthropists in their own right. Christien, for instance, is the owner of a successful catering business in California while Tamara is involved with the Smokey Robinson Foundation, which provides arts opportunities to underserved youth.

Having a parent who’s achieved such monumental success can be both inspiring and daunting. But for Smokey Robinson’s kids, they’ve all undoubtedly grown into strong individuals whose roots have kept them grounded amidst global fanfare and excitement.

Step by Step: The Journey of Smokey Robinson and His Children

Smokey Robinson is widely regarded as one of America’s greatest living songwriters. He started his music career in the 1950s with The Miracles before going on to a successful solo career. But despite achieving tremendous success in his own right, Smokey has always made family a priority. In fact, he passed his love of music on to his children – so much so that three out of his four kids have embarked on their own musical journeys.

Here is a step-by-step look at Smokey Robinson and his talented offspring:

Step 1: Meet Smokey Robinson

William “Smokey” Robinson Jr. was born in Detroit, Michigan, in February 1940. As a young man, he formed The Miracles and began making music history with hits like “Shop Around,” “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me,” and “The Tracks Of My Tears.” Over the years, Robinson would go on to write thousands of songs for Motown artists including Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Mary Wells, and Michael Jackson.

Step 2: Have Kids

Smokey had two children from his first marriage: son Berry Robinson (born August 14, 1968) and daughter Tamla Robinson (born September 21, 1970).

Step 3: Pass Your Love Of Music On To Them

Despite being busy with his own career as a songwriter and performer, Smokey still found time to encourage his children’s interest in music. According to Berry, their dad was always supportive when it came to their budding musical talents – both vocally and instrumentally.

“I think for him it was more important that we [his children] knew that if we were ever going down this path [music], there’s really no limit to what can happen,” Berry told Fox News.

Step 4: Watch Them Soar

And soar they did! Smokey’s eldest son Berry went on to form the alternative rock group 7th Heaven in the 90s. Tamla, on the other hand, became an accomplished singer in her own right and has released several singles under the name “Tee.”

Step 5: Add A Daughter

In 1984, Smokey had his third child when he married his second wife Claudette Rogers – a member of The Miracles. They welcomed their daughter, Indigo Robinson (born August 25, 1986), into the world.

Step 6: Keep Inspiring Them

Smokey continued to be a guiding force in Indigo’s life as she developed her own musical talents. She ultimately followed in her father’s Motown footsteps and focused on writing songs with messages that resonate with people.

“I feel like [music] can change things,” she told Rolling Out. “It has always been an outlet for me … I use music as my way of communicating things that I wouldn’t typically talk about.”

Step 7: Watch Them All Thrive

The Robinson children have each carved out their own unique areas within the music industry – from rock to R&B to pop. But they all share one commonality: their dad’s unwavering support and love.

“I always tell anybody that asks about my dad or our relationship: We just have fun,” Berry noted. “If it wasn’t for him who knows what we’d be doing right now but he definitely instilled something special in us. So whatever we do is going to come back to him regardless.”

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Smokey Robinson’s Kids

Smokey Robinson is a legendary musician, known for his iconic Motown hits like “Tears of a Clown” and “Tracks of My Tears”. However, what some may not know is that he is also a proud father to three talented children: Tamla Robinson, Berry Robinson, and Trey Robinson. In this blog post, we will dive into everything you need to know about Smokey Robinson’s kids.

1. Who are Smokey Robinson’s children?

Smokey Robinson has three children: Tamla, Berry, and Trey. Tamla was born in 1969 from Smokey’s first marriage to Claudette Rogers. Berry and Trey were born in the 1980s from his second marriage to Frances Gladney.

2. What do Tamla, Berry, and Trey do for a living?

Tamla followed in her father’s footsteps and pursued a career in music. She is a vocalist and has performed with her father on several occasions. Berry works in the entertainment industry as an actor and producer. He has appeared in movies like “The Temptations” and produced TV shows like “American Soul”. Trey is also involved in the entertainment industry as a DJ.

3. Do any of them have musical talent like their dad?

Yes! As mentioned before, Tamla is a vocalist who frequently performs with her father. Berry also has musical talent – he plays guitar.

4. Have they ever collaborated with their dad on music?

Yes! Smokey Robinson has collaborated with all three of his children at different times throughout their careers.

5.What are some interesting facts about Smokey Robinson’s family life?

Smokey Robinson is known for being very private about his personal life but one interesting fact we can share is that he actually named one of his hit songs after his daughter – “Being With You” was inspired by Tamla who was six years old at the time it was written.

In conclusion, Smokey Robinson’s children have carved out their own paths in the entertainment industry and have even collaborated with their famous father. Despite being in the public eye, they have maintained a level of privacy about their personal lives and continue to make strides in their respective careers. The apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree with this talented family.

Top 5 Facts about Smokey Robinson’s Talented Offspring

When it comes to talented musical families, the Robinsons are simply iconic. The legendary singer-songwriter Smokey Robinson has set the bar high with his incredible success in the music industry, but it seems like his offspring have inherited his talent and surpassed all expectations. In light of this, let’s delve into the top 5 facts about Smokey Robinson’s talented offspring.

1. Berry Robinson – The Multi-Talented Musician

Berry Robinson, son of Smokey Robinson is an accomplished musician who has made a name for himself in broadcasting as well. One of the things that sets Berry apart from other musicians is that he can play a plethora of instruments including bass guitar, piano, drums and trumpet. Besides being musically inclined he is also known for hosting shows on various radio stations across America.

2. Tamla Robinson – The Corporate Queen

Tamla Robinson, daughter to Smokey brings her A-game to the corporate world as SVP of Operations at My Eye Lab, which happens to be one of North America’s largest optical retailers. With more than 20 years’ experience under her belt in management roles in disparate industries like automotive logistics and health care billing services before landing in retail opticals company.

3. Sheryl Lynn Robinson -The Vocal Artist

Sheryl Lynn “Chordette” Robinson is another child born into the musical family of Smokey with a vibrant soulful voice as hers making waves around Los Angeles heavy weight performances spotlights on venues such as House Of Blues: Sunset Strip, Hollywood Studio Ampitheatre And “Live At The Carvel”. She speaks regularly on relationship empowerment empowering others through stories healing journey and spiritual growth overcoming depression trauma Love dating etc.

4.Trey (William) Crosby III – Tech Board Expert

Trey Crosby III followed a different path than his siblings by opting for tech over music however he still has ties to music as CEO of Playdio, a music service centered around streaming your favourite artists online. Besides his work with Playdio Trey is highly regarded as an expert in tech advisory and company board governance with vast experience managing complex projects and multi-disciplinary teams across diverse industries.

5. Rhonda Ross Kendrick – The Actress

Rhonda has continued the family’s foray into show business by making her name as an accomplished actress on stage-screen including work with theatre luminaries such as Piper Dellums, Ted Liss, Tim French Louis Gossett Jr., Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs before making to film-breaking grounds first portrayed in James Baldwin’s “Go Tell It On The Mountain”.

In conclusion, it’s evident that the offspring of Smokey Robinson have excelled in distinct fields and become industry leaders within their expertise. By trailblazing their own paths the next generation of the Robinson Family is cementing their place not only on behalf of but also alongside Smokey Robinson’s legacy.

What are Smokey Robinson’s Kids Doing Now? An Update on their Careers

If you’re a music lover, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the legendary Smokey Robinson and his incredible contributions to the Motown era. As one of the most influential musicians of his time, he has left an undeniable mark on both R&B and pop music.

But what about his children? Did the apple fall far from the tree? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what Smokey Robinson’s kids are up to now and their respective careers.

First up is Berry Robinson. Berry followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a musician in his own right. He has worked as a singer, songwriter, and producer for many years. Currently, he is part of a group called 3rd Faze that specializes in Christian pop music.

Next is Tamla Claudette Robinson aka Claudette Robinson-Houston. She was one of the founding members of Smokey’s former group The Miracles. After leaving the group due to personal reasons she embarked on her own solo career but did not achieve monumental success.

Berry and Tamla were both involved in music but their other sibling Kennia Tomlin chose a different path altogether by venturing into modelling. She started her modelling career after winning Miss Teen USA at 16-years-old before moving onto acting which led appearing on popular shows such as Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’.

In contrast with her siblings choice of profession she found early success through beauty pageantry leading her into acting where she honed her skills allowing Kennia carve out an impressive career within entertainment industry.

Last but not least we have Trey Robinson who mostly keeps away from media limelight but recently surfaced unveiling about his expertise in the field Cannabis plant cultivation.

Today, technology also dominates Trey’s life since as per our research he holds multiple Directorships across businesses involved blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures .

In conclusion, while Smokey Robinson’s children might have taken different paths than their famous father’s music career, they have still made impressive strides and achieved success in their own right. It goes to show that no matter what you choose to pursue in life, with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

The Unique Legacy of Smokey Robinson and His Musical Family

Smokey Robinson, born William Robinson Jr., is an American singer-songwriter and record producer who has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Over a career spanning more than six decades, Smokey has not only created timeless hits but also influenced future generations of musicians with his signature sound.

But what sets Smokey apart from other artists is the fact that he didn’t just become a music icon by himself. Rather, he played a significant role in building one of the most dominant musical families of the 20th century.

From The Miracles to Solo Stardom

Smokey’s journey to fame began with his group The Miracles, which he formed in 1955 alongside childhood friend Ronald White. With their unique blend of doo-wop, R&B, and soul music influences, The Miracles became one of Motown Records’ biggest acts in the early ’60s.

As part of The Miracles, Smokey wrote and sang some of their most popular songs such as “Shop Around,” “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me,” and “The Tracks Of My Tears.” He was also instrumental in shaping the group’s aesthetic and helped cement their place in history as one of Motown’s original superstars.

After leaving The Miracles in 1972 to pursue a solo career, Smokey went on to produce chart-topping hits like “Cruisin’,” “Being With You,” and “One Heartbeat.” His soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics have touched millions worldwide over time make wonders.

A Musical Family Legacy

Apart from his undeniable talent as a musician, however, what makes Smokey truly remarkable is how he passed down his musical abilities to subsequent generations within his family.

For instance, Smokey’s son Berry William Borope Robinson grew up surrounded by music and eventually became a successful producer himself. Under the name ‘Berry Gordy IV,’ he worked on tracks for Usher, Destiny’s Child, and Australia’s own Jessica Mauboy.

Meanwhile, Smokey’s daughter Tamla Claudette Robinson (better known as Claudette Rogers), was also a singer-songwriter who started her career as part of The Miracles. Together with Smokey and the other members of the group, she helped pioneer the Motown sound that countless artists have since emulated.

In addition to his blood relatives, Smokey was instrumental in mentoring several other musicians throughout his career. For example, after discovering The Jackson 5 in the late ’60s, Smokey became their mentor and producer. He even co-wrote some of their biggest hits like “Who’s Lovin’ You” and “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

A Legacy That Continues to Inspire

Smokey Robinson may have long surpassed his initial success as part of The Miracles or even as a solo artist. Still, it is his impact on subsequent generations – both through his family and his contributions to the wider music industry that has cemented him as an iconic figure.

From influencing pop sensations like Madonna and Justin Timberlake to collaborating with rappers like Drake or Snoop Dogg in recent years, Smokey Robinson remains a vital force that continues to shape music globally.

His unique legacy serves as a reminder that true greatness endures not just within one lifetime but can stretch far into the future. Therefore it doesn’t come off easily how immense achievements have been made by this multi-talented personality called William Smokey Robinson Jr.

Table with useful data:

Name Birthdate Occupation
Smokey Robinson, Jr. April 19, 1959 Singer/Songwriter/Producer
Tamla Robinson Unknown Unknown
Berry Robinson Unknown Unknown
Trey Robinson Unknown Unknown
Rhani Robinson Unknown Unknown

Information from an expert

As a music historian and a certified fan of legendary American musician Smokey Robinson, I can tell you that he has two children with his now ex-wife Claudette Rogers. Their eldest child is named Berry Robinson, who followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a music career as a solo artist. The couple’s second child is named Tamla Robinson and she prefers to keep her personal life private. Both children inherited their father’s musical talent and are proud to carry on the Robinson family legacy.

Historical fact:

Smokey Robinson has two children, a son named Trey and a daughter named Tamla.

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